Paint & Porch Grant

With over 100 year of colonial style charm, what is old in new again.

From late 2018-Spring 2019, OAPA completed a very successful Free Paint program. Among the criteria, was “first come first serve” and the potential for aesthetic impact. As of the December 1st 2018 deadline, we received applications for 38 properties! These are just some of the before and after results.


Funding provided by Century Fund Foundation

Get Reimbursed for…

Painting Your House Façade Enhancing Your Porch

Greetings Neighbor!

We are pleased to inform you that the Old Allentown Preservation Association (OAPA) has started a reimbursement program of up to $500 per property towards painting & porch enhancements for the improved appearance of our historic neighborhood. Below is the application for homeowners to apply for this opportunity! If you are a tenant or a business, we encourage you to share this information with the property owner.

Eligible reimbursements:

  1. Façade paint and supplies for exterior woodwork such as trim, siding, door, shutters or previously painted masonry surfaces.
  2. Porch enhancement products and supplies
  3. Labor costs NOT included in reimbursement

Project Selection & Reimbursement Conditions:

  1. Applications due April 15, 2023. Email submissions are strongly recommended. Due to high demand, projects are selected on a first come first serve basis. Decisions will be made within 30 days of your application submission.
  2. Potential for significant aesthetic impact. (All work must be visible from street frontage.)
  3. Priority given to buildings located within the Old Allentown historic district. Buildings located adjacent to the district will be considered.
  4. Property owners must select from any historic paint brochure or use colors from the Old Allentown Association Facebook page or otherwise agreed upon colors with OAPA.
  5. Note: Painting of natural brick or stone is not allowed in the Historic District.
  6. For porch enhancements, property owners must select from improvements in application below or otherwise mutually agreed upon merchandise.
  7. Attach photos of your façade: One of the whole façade; others focused on areas you plan on improving.
  8. Reimbursements will be given to the selected applicants, once the work is: 1-completed with agreed upon colors and/or porch enhancement products, and 2-the receipts of your purchases have been submitted. 3-If required by HARB, a copy of Certificate of Appropriateness. HARB contact: 610-437-7630 ext. 2865. Conditions must be met by November 30, 2022.

We are committed to preserving the past and cultivating our future together. We encourage you and your neighbors to apply for this special opportunity. We hope to meet you personally in the near future.