Upside Allentown

Ken Ek

Photographer & Old Allentown Resident

Allentown has always been my home, I grew up in South Whitehall and for the past 15 years have lived in the City. When I was 18 years old I started KeneK Photography, following in my father's footsteps, I always knew I wanted to be a photographer and wanted to run my own business. I was lucky enough to assist Hub Willson for a bunch of years, his guidance really helped me understand the business while at the same time teaching me to be an even better photographer. Until I was 23 years old I mostly lived on the outskirts of Center City Allentown. But when I was 22, I met a man by the name of Karl Stirner who lived in Center City Easton and he quickly rubbed off on me, his beliefs of reviving the city got stuck in my bones, but I felt like he had Easton covered and it was already on its way. I could not turn my back on Allentown, one thing lead to another and I found myself renting a converted warehouse loft style studio space on 9th and Chew. I finally felt at home. City living is real life, we all walk at our own pace and it mostly jives… time has passed and life has taken its course.

Now at 38 years old my wife Shelby and my 3 year old son Arlo and I own a 2 unit at 9th and Turner St. and a Commercial Studio space on N. Hall Street. Both places are over 100 years old and we have taken part in preserving history by working on restoring these beautiful buildings. Soon we will be looking to purchase another building to keep on expanding our lives and saving a beautiful city that is filled with beautiful people. My photography business is doing well, photographing artwork for over 60 artists and various art organizations, KeneK Photography will be expanding into the building at N. Hall Street once renovations are all finished and we have occupancy. We are working very hard and hopefully one day I will be able to open the doors to a dream I have of a small self learning environment for inner city kids to come and experiment with art, photography, painting, sculpture, music, etc. It will involve all my art clients and organizations that my business is working with. The world needs art and the children need to dream.


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